How to set up a business Facebook page in 5 easy steps

How to set up a business Facebook page in 5 easy steps.  Your business Facebook page should be one of your top priorities when you first start out, but it’s also an important way to promote your business as you grow over time. For this reason, it’s important to take the time to set up your Facebook page correctly from the beginning. Many small businesses don’t take the time to set up a Facebook page, figuring that it’s not worth the time or effort.

After all, they’re just one little business out of the millions on Facebook surely they don’t need their own page to promote their products and services, right? Well, yes, they do! The fact is that no matter how big or small your business may be, you need to make sure that you have a Facebook page. Here are 5 easy steps on how to set up a business Facebook page in no time at all. Below are 5 easy steps that will help you get set up and on your way in no time at all.

Choose your personal account or Page

Choosing between a personal account and a Page is essentially choosing whether you want to broadcast your posts (and have them spread virally by friends) or handpick your audience. If you’re starting from scratch, it’s best to start with a personal account so that people can follow along with your journey as an entrepreneur. You can always convert it into a Page later if you choose.

  • Step 1: Make sure you have a verified phone number associated with your account: This will help prevent impersonation and allow people who want to connect with you via phone call or text message. As an added bonus, posting updates from an unverified phone number will prompt users on mobile devices that they need to use their phones to send messages instead of posting comments. Once you’ve verified your phone number, make sure to change your privacy settings so that only confirmed followers can comment on posts. (You’ll be able to do that after you verify.
  • Step 2: Select a username for your Page: Your username should be unique and reflect what you do for example, Your Business Name Here or Your name your business name here. Once you select once don’t forget to check out our tips for making it work even better.
  • Step 3: Designate admins for your Page: In order for us to verify someone as an admin of a Facebook Page, they must be 18 years old or older and have at least one year of experience working at the company associated with that page.

Create your Cover Image

When people come across your Facebook Business Page they’ll have one of two responses they’ll either be interested in what you have to say or they won’t. If they’re already loyal customers it makes sense that they’d follow you on social media. however, if you want new customers and fans, then you need something that will draw them in. A fantastic way to do that is by creating an eye catching cover image using a program like Canva.

Make sure your photo or graphic includes your logo (if applicable) so that anyone who sees it can instantly recognize your brand. It also doesn’t hurt to mention why your product or service is unique and how it benefits them personally. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression! In order to create a cover image for your Facebook Business Page, you’ll need to access your account settings.

To do that, click on More in the left sidebar of any page, scroll down until you see Page Settings, and click on View Insights & Settings. Once there select Edit Cover Photo from under Cover Photo. You’ll be able to upload a file from your computer or choose from various templates available through Facebook. Choose whichever option works best for you!

Add relevant keywords

When you’re creating your first post, add as many relevant keywords as possible. These are words people might search for if they want to find your page. Make sure these keywords are natural and flow with your message rather than being forced or obnoxious. It is also important that you only use 2-3 keywords per post. One of them should always be your business name, but try not to repeat it more than 3 times.

You can do some research on what kinds of keywords people typically search for when trying to find a business similar to yours by using tools like Google Keyword Planner or Long Tail Pro. If you are not familiar with how keyword research works, check out our beginner’s guide on keyword research here How To Do Keyword Research For Your Business (Beginner’s Guide) .

Also, don’t forget to make sure your posts have been optimized for SEO! In order to optimize your content for SEO purposes, you will need to know about SEO basics such as Title Tags and Meta Descriptions. In addition, we recommend that you write informative titles so that readers know exactly what they will get from reading your content.
Our guide on how to create catchy headlines can help you create better titles for each post: How To Create Catchy Headlines That Drive Traffic . You may also want to read our Beginner’s Guide To Link Building if you need help learning about link building strategies or boosting traffic through other methods. The final step is where most businesses screw up their social media presence  Posting frequency.

Write engaging content about your product

Business pages aren’t just about selling, though you should sprinkle your offerings into posts here and there. The idea is to capture new leads by drawing people into your world through content that educates, entertains, or inspires. If people are genuinely interested and engaged with what you’re putting out there, they’ll naturally want to become a part of it, says Julie Fleischer of Slinky Marketing.

Then it becomes much easier for them to interact with you. Good (and free) places to share interesting articles include LinkedIn Pulse, Buzzsumo, and Medium. A great way to draw in an audience is to use visuals photos, infographics, and videos all work well on social media.

They catch attention, plus they make it easy for readers to repost on their own profiles if they like what you have to say. Check out some top examples from brands such as GoPro and Coca-Cola. And if all else fails? Use humor if people laugh at your post, chances are good that others will too! Here’s an example from North Face.

Promote your Page posts on other social media platforms

It’s important that you keep your followers informed of new and interesting posts on your business’s Facebook Page. To do so, cross-promote your Page content on other social media channels, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also use piggybacking for direct promotion by placing share buttons for all of your social networks onto each post, inviting users to share and repost content across their own personal networks.

The ultimate goal is to not only drive traffic back to your website but also convert these shares into potential customers those who could be just one click away from making an online purchase. Make sure to regularly check analytics to see which types of posts are most popular with your audience. This will help you better understand what they like and what they don’t like so that you can adjust accordingly.

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